GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Introduction:

At a time when businesses have a greater responsibility than ever to reduce their impact on the environment, Eco-friendly hosting solutions such as GreenGeek’s unlimited plan are experiencing a boom in popularity. From their back-end offices to the very data centers that host your website, everything GreenGeeks does is fueled by 300% renewable energy sources. Not that this focus on environmentally efficiency means the brand pay

less attention to the basic web hosting essentials. Rather -as I’ll explain in the following GreenGeeks review – it only adds to their appeal.

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Ease of Use:

Much like their competitors at SiteGround, GreenGeeks are one of those rare hosting companies who manage to get just the right balance of advanced technology and beginner-level tools, ultimately creating a low cost hosting package that is suitable for both novices and professionals alike. Though the customer service does leave something to be desired (and trust me, I’ll talk more about that later), GreenGeek’s overall user-friendliness is commendable.

Signing up for an account and paying for my hosting plan took me no more than a few minutes following a straight-forward process. Once logged in, I found that everything was very clearly laid out, thanks in no small part to the company’s easy-to-follow navigation and their enhanced cPanel dashboard. Used the majority of web hosts, cPanel this is a simple, clutter-free interface complete with numerous icons to help you do everything from managing your email accounts to launching a WordPress website at the click of a button.

I’ll talk more about this latter option when it comes to discussing website builders, but for now let me assure you that everything you could possibly hope to do with your GreenGeeks hosting plan is literally no more difficult than hitting the right button. Whilst this is great news for newcomers, I do have to say that as someone who has been building and managing websites for a number of years now, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of my time with GreenGeeks. The advanced tools and support for different languages and scripts made launching high performance websites a breeze, and above all, I’m generally impressed with how quickly it took to get to grips with GreenGeek’s user controls


GreenGeeks Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the aforementioned GreenGeeks pros & cons:

Strong Uptime:

Simply, this Is the best hosting company available if you are looking for maximum environmental consciousness with performance capacity.

Eco Web Hosting comes close second, but cannot maintain GG’s solid  uptime track-record. Head over to the Uptime section to see how they  tested out.

Sub Half-Second Speeds:

Long-term tests on GreenGeeks page loading speeds are a thumbs up. Our Hosting Data review team often points out how important it is that page loading speeds are under 3 seconds. This really reduces “bounce-back” rates.

Under 1 second is top-tier. GreenGeeks surpasses even this with sub half-second times.

Renewable Energy Investments:

Greengeeks promises a 300% renewable energy investment on all their output.

What this means is that GG buys up three times the amount of wind energy credits they use to power their roster of websites.

Each year, they buy up over 600,000 kWh electric wind energy, while only consuming 12,000.

Very Long Plans For the Best Prices:

You have to sign up for at least 3 years to get their lowest advertised monthly rates. Also, even though they offer a free domain, if you ask for a refund  within the 30-day guarantee time, it will be minus 19.26 pounds.

The domain registry fee is a hidden charge – regardless of the plan chosen.

No Cloud Or Dedicated Hosting Plans:

We might have given this company 5 stars out of 5 – if not for this limiting fact.

Our Greengeeks review team decided that the company cannot cater to the full spectrum of needs – for all sizes of business .

Even for “high-end-small” businesses, the lack of flexible sharing is a hard bargain. Sometimes, you need to pump up resources quickly.


hostinger review

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